Saving Money on Winter Heating Fuel Supplies in Manchester

As the temperature drops out of doors, it takes a great deal more energy to keep things warm and cosy inside. In addition, each year the cost of keeping your home or business warm keeps going up. Here are some helpful tips for saving money on winter heating fuel supplies in Manchester.

Check out several suppliers for your heat needs. Some have cheaper prices and also better services. Make sure your supplier can meet all of your needs, so you can use only one provider.

Try to find “fixed price” deals. Some companies offer fixed prices for the entire season and this can save you a great deal of money on oil and tariffs. In fact, if you find a good deal, it’s possible to save as much as 300 pounds over the cold weather season. Before you agree to a fixed deal, check to see how much the exit fee is. This way, if prices drop considerably during the season, you can strike a better deal to save money.

Paying by cash or cheque may seem like the most economical payment method. However, it can actually cost you more when you do this. For example, many companies offer better deals to customers who sign up and take care of their accounts over the Internet. It saves the company time and money and they are able to pass this savings on to you.

Some companies may give you a substantial discount when you sign up for automatic monthly payments. It is known as the “direct debit” method. There is no need to go online to pay a bill or to write a cheque and send it in. The payment is automatically taken from your account every month. This saves the company because they do not have to pay people to create and send out your bill.

If you need to use an electric fire in the home when it gets really cold outside, you may want to check into more efficient models. In fact, it’s best to get a unit that has a thermostat control and will shut off when it reaches a certain temperature indoors. This is the best way to supplement your heat system and can save you on heating oil.

Check the temperature setting on your boiler. You can save money in cold weather when you place the setting between warm and hot. This is about 82 degrees Celsius. Lowering the boiler temperature will make it safer for children, and they are less likely to be scalded by hot water. Plus, it can make it easier on your heat system.

If you are over the age of 61, you can qualify for a tax free winter fuel payment benefit. You do not have to be low income to qualify. Most people can receive between 200 and 300 pounds for each season. In addition, if you are over 80 years of age, you can receive the maximum benefit of 300 pounds. In years with extremely cold weather conditions, you will receive an additional benefit, which is another 25 pounds. Some people may need to apply for benefits, if they have not received them before.

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