Different Types of Industrial Lubricants in Cheshire

Without lubrication, the wheels of industry would come to a sudden stop. Oil and grease products are here to ensure that large machinery, equipment, and heavy duty vehicles, can perform their work properly. This not only helps produce the many products you use in your home, but also brings them to you. Here is a look at some of the different types of industrial lubricants in Cheshire today, and how they are utilised.

Engine oils – the same basic type of lubricant in your car is used in many kinds of commercial engines these days. Standard engine oil is petroleum based and has been around for many years. However, with the help of modern technology, many important additives are being used to increase the lubrication ability of engine oil..

Synthetic engine oil – this oil is man-made and was first created by Germany during the Second World War. During that time, Germany was seeking a replacement for petroleum products because petroleum was in short supply. These early synthetic oils provided an important benefit to vehicles in very cold temperatures, as they would not thicken in extremely cold weather like petroleum based oils.

Today, synthetic engine oils offer outstanding performance in some of the most harsh and extreme conditions. They have special additives to decrease wear and tear, and can operate in a number of temperatures without breaking down. In fact, many industrial engines require less maintenance thanks to modern synthetic oils.

Hydraulic oil – without hydraulic fluids, many types of machinery would not be possible. For example, most excavation equipment utilises hydraulics to function. These oils are sometimes made from fluids including recycled petroleum, mineral oil, or water. Refuse collecting vehicles, commercial transmissions, and flight control systems, need hydraulic fluid.

Gear oil – in many industrial environments, heavy duty lubrication with a high viscosity is required. This keeps large gears properly lubricated. You will find commercial gear oil in large drive systems and transfer cases. Anywhere machinery with gears is used, there is a need for special gear oil. This includes large agricultural equipment and commercial lorries.

Diesel engine oil – large diesel engines must have special lubricating oil. In fact, it takes a different type of oil, than the oil used in a petrol engine. Diesel engines require lubricating oil of a high viscosity or thickness. In fact, diesel engine oils are of a much higher viscosity than petrol engines.

If you were to run oil made for diesel motors in petrol motors, it could be too thick. This could create a problem at start up. In fact, vital engine components may not receive proper lubrication during this important period. Also, lower viscosity petrol engine oil may break down too quickly and not provide commercial grade diesel engines with enough lubrication. This can result in increased wear and tear, and downtime.

When you need the best industrial lubricants, always go with a trusted provider with years of experience. This ensures the highest quality products for your business. In addition, you will receive a large selection of lubricants for your needs, and the benefits of delivery to your place of business.

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