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When you buy red diesel from Star Oil, you can expect a 5 star service each and every time. No matter where you are in the UK, our fleet of tankers will be ready to meet the demands of your business.

Whether you’re looking for red diesel by the barrel, or in quantities ranging from 500 litres through to 36,000 litres or more. We’re the red diesel fuel suppliers that can deliver.

Still using red diesel for commercial heating purposes? Businesses can no longer use red diesel for heating and must switch to industrial heating oil (available from our parent company, Crown Oil).

Here are six important reasons to choose Star Oil for your fuel needs

You get much more than fuel with Star Oil. You also receive a comprehensive fuel management system.

Regular deliveries - you can depend on us for fuel when you need it, no matter what day of the week or time of day.

Four wheel drive delivery service for hard to reach areas

On demand deliveries - our bespoke delivery service is there at your convenience.

Competitive fuel prices

We can come to your mobile off-road plant and provide on-site fuel delivery.

Important things
to know about
Red Diesel Fuel

Did you know red diesel fuel is actually red in colour? However, this doesn’t happen naturally, as special dyes are included in the
manufacturing process.

Red Diesel for Farmers
Please note: since April 2022, the number of industries and other uses with eligibility to use red diesel has been restricted. You can learn more about the changes to red diesel eligibility on our parent company, Crown Oil’s website.

Red diesel has many uses

Whether you know it as red diesel, gas oil, tractor diesel or anything else. One thing is for sure, there’s many industries which benefit from red diesel, the low fuel gas oil.

People often wonder if it really is red in colour and the answer to this is yes, it really is red. A red dye marker is added in order to distinguish it from regular road diesel.

It is designed for special uses. The fuel is cheaper than un-dyed fuel to provide a tax break to those in specific industries in the UK. Misuse of gas oil is a crime and there are heavy penalties involved for those caught. The fuel can only be used for certain applications, and this includes:

  • Rail transport
  • Community amateur sports clubs and golf courses
  • Sailing, boating and marine transport (excluding private pleasure craft in Northern Ireland)
  • Travelling fairs and circuses
  • Fuel used for non-commercial purposes – electricity generation and heating
  • Agriculture, horticulture, fish farming and forestry

Where to buy red diesel

You can buy red diesel directly from Star Oil, our team can help answer any of your questions and provide you with a quote for any amount of red diesel. Whether you’re looking to buy by the barrel or have one of our tankers deliver red diesel directly to you. We’re here to help.

The use of red diesel as a heating oil should be a lot clearer when you consider the older name for this type of fuel is gas oil, since this was the main function of gas oil before the introduction of natural gas and electricity into people’s homes.

Today, people still use red diesel (gas oil) for domestic heating, but we recommend that domestic customers instead consider switching to home heating oil. If you’re planning to use red diesel for commercial heating purposes, businesses can no longer use red diesel and must switch to industrial heating oil. You can learn more on our parent company’s website, Crown Oil.

Did you know that in the majority of cases, it’s illegal to use red diesel in a vehicle driven on public roads? There are exceptions such as for gritting icy roads in winter.

Important things
to know about
Red Diesel Fuel

Buy your red diesel today

As part of our fuel delivery service, you can buy red diesel in 205 litre barrels as well as through a delivery using one of our tankers if you have a suitable storage tank on-site.

If you would like to learn more about our services or the many products we provide, give our fuel experts a call today on 0161 406 6558.