Home Heating Oil Supplier

Off-the-grid houses and small-scale businesses rely on kerosene heating oil to stay warm throughout the year. Therefore, having a heating oil supplier that can be trusted is essential. When it comes to unrivalled expertise, competitive pricing and reliable deliveries around the UK’s North West region, look no further than Star Oil for your domestic heating oil needs.

Please note that home heating oil and kerosene are both fully rebated products and must only be used for heating.

Benefits of Domestic Heating Oil

  • Cost-effective price per litre compared to natural gas
  • Similar clean-burn as natural gas
  • Not limited to properties on a national grid

Star Oil’s home heating oil is a cost-effective alternative to natural gas for use in the home and specific small-scale commercial operations. If you are considering making the move towards heating oil, invaluable product information, reliable and efficient supply are available with Star Oil.

Home heating oils that are developed for domestic purposes are used in large boilers and serves as a suitable option for those who no longer wish to rely on gas.

There has been a rise in the demand for such oils by residential and commercial property owners, not supplied by natural gas to heat their properties.

Many educational facilities and municipalities make regular use of such alternatives because it is cheaper to run than conventional, natural gas.

If you are looking for industrial heating oil, we can deliver this nationwide along with our other industrial fuels. Call our fuel experts if you would like to order heating oil for your home or business to simply learn more.

Please note: Home heating oil is only available for delivery across the North West of England.

Kerosene Heating Oil

Oil boilers make use of kerosene or burning oil; however, the correct type of product can be advised by reliable and professional services.

A clear assessment of fuel requirements can be performed to ensure that you are receiving the best quality in heating oils and compatible sources for safe and efficient operation. Specific customer enquiries can be clarified pertaining to particular heating systems and fuel ranges.

The expense associated with heating with gas can become exorbitant for large buildings. The delivery of suitable oils can assist in keeping the home or commercial property warm against the severe cold of winter. It is a valuable choice that will aid in obtaining quality products that will ensure the smooth and effective operation of all types of apparatus and systems.

Home Heating Oil Delivered Across the North West

There are two types of heating oils that are mainly used within the home and commercial buildings including kerosene and gas oil.

Kerosene is a domestic product that is used in in various heating systems for the home, including structures with a flue and directing excess heat towards the outside of the property. Gas oil or red diesel is incorporated in major commercial applications including off-road vehicles and machinery.

With focus on quality customer services, a high standard of kerosene or gas oils are supplied for use within the home.

Sourcing suitable substances is important for the safe operation of systems and can be determined with professional assistance to ensure that you are receiving the best possible products. From determining the capacity of a tank to advising on the most affordable solutions, it is important to obtain the most reliable recommendations and delivery of heating oils.

Cleaner kerosene products

While the standard grade of domestic heating oil kerosene meets the British Standard BS 2869 C2 Grade, there are also higher-performance kerosene products, such as Kleenburn Kerosene and Premium Kerosene.

Kleenburn Kerosene

As the name implies, Kleenburn Kerosene is a clean-burning home heating oil product. While still meeting BS 2869 C2 standard for kerosene, this fuel product is optimised for superior burn properties.

Learn more about this premium domestic heating fuel by chatting with the team today.

Premium Kerosene

Premium kerosene is a higher grade of kerosene that meets BS2869 C1 fuel specifications and provides a higher performance burn with far lower sulphur levels than regular grade kerosene.

Call the Star Oil team today to learn more about being supplied with premium heating oil.

Common Heating Oil Questions

How much heating oil can I order?

Star Oil delivers home heating oil around North West England with fuel tankers of a variety of sizes. While there is no maximum limit to how much heating oil we can deliver to your property, we do have a minimum order of 500 litres on our domestic deliveries.

The majority of heating oil tanks have a capacity of between 750-litres and 2,000-litres, so as long as you know your oil storage tank’s capacity, you’ll know the maximum amount of heating oil you can order.

How much is heating oil per litre?

The price of heating oil changes from day to day, so your best bet is to call in advance and get a quote from your supplier. Our team is always at hand ready to give you today’s oil price.

Do I need to be home for my heating oil delivery?

Our team of fuel suppliers are experienced in topping up your heating oil tanks, so as long as there is access to your tank, you don’t need to worry about being home.

For all your heating fuel needs at a competitive price, contact Star Oil today.