What You Need to Know About Buying Bulk Fuel in the North West

Whether you own a farm or other agricultural business or have a massive, commercial fleet to manage, it is important to have a solid plan for purchasing fuel. This is also true for companies that wish to sell products like heating oil to a large number of residential customers. Following are some important things to know about buying bulk fuel in the north west.

To start, you have to have a keen understanding of how you will store these products once you have invested in them. The requirements for long-term storage are different from those for short-term storage. They can also vary according to different fuel types due to higher or lower levels of flammability and combustion.

In order to ensure that your containment units and overall storage system are fully compliant with both federal and state regulations, it is generally best to work with a compliance consultant. This is someone who can analyze your space and your planned application for the products that you are buying. Based upon your budget and the industry requirements that you face, your provider can then help you source the necessary equipment for handling everything both safely and legally.

There are certain areas in which special concerns exist. For instance, your storage units or pumping stations might be located near a body of water or by ground soils that are especially vulnerable to contamination. In these regions, leaks and spills can be devastating to the local ecosystem. This often makes it necessary for companies to use bunded tanks for storage.

A bunded tank literally has two outer shells. The inner shell is designed to safely hold the oil, gas, petrol, kerosene or other fuels safely. If this inner shell becomes cracked or otherwise worn, however, the next, secondary shell will act as a reservoir for all spilled or leaking materials. This way, no external elements will be subject to contamination.

Securing the right storage systems is a vital part of planning your purchase, but there is much more that you will have to do. For instance, you will also need to determine how you are going to disburse these materials as you sell them. Whether choosing pumps or other components to measure and share these goods, this portion of your operations must remain compliant as well. This is yet another thing that your consultant can assist you with.

When purchasing these products, you always want to concern yourself with purity. It is never a good idea to buy from companies that have a reputation for getting small amounts of water in their products. This can occur as the result of faulty, in-ground storage tanks and other issues with transport and storage. Water can have a very negative impact on the equipment in which these products are used.

Other impurities should be avoided also. These particulates, whether they include dirt, dust or other elements, can result in the development of sludge in storage tanks. Thus, it is always in the best interests of your company and your clients for you to work with reputable, ethical suppliers that are committed to only selling fuels of the very highest quality.

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