What is Tractor Vapourising Oil (TVO)

Tractor vaporising oil is most commonly used to power up paraffin based motors and engines and is primarily incorporated for agricultural purposes. Also referred to as a power kerosene, this solution can provide affordable operation of tractors, equipment and select off road vehicles. Learning what is tractor vaporising oil (TVO) can assist in providing essential assets the solutions it needs to function optimally.

TVO is a type of fuel that is used for the internal combustion engine that become predominant after the second World War. It is produced from kerosene and primarily incorporated in tractors however, the introduction of diesel has decreased reliance on this product. Looking at the benefits and potential limitations of power kerosene, it helps determine which products are best for your operational needs.

The availability of TVO was apparent during the war when many tractors were incorporated to perform essential agricultural tasks. The equipment was most effective for British farmers who needed easy access to fuel that was cheap and supported operations. It was incorporated for large farming communities who were interested in a cheaper fuel based product that could provide the power needed to operate agricultural machinery.

TVO was a cost effective fuel that was developed in response to the growing need for an affordable agricultural product that would power tractors and similar equipment. When compared to kerosene and regular petrol, TVO provided favourable qualities not only in the operation of farming apparatus but also in the operation of heating lamps. TVO was revealed to have the best vaporisation qualities compared to these alternatives.

Owing to the cost effectiveness of this product and the ability to create the vaporised oil with ease. The availability of TVO was most favourable during the time of the second World War because it has most of the traits of traditional paraffin without the cost. It was also easier to obtain than most traditional types of fuel and has been considered most beneficial for agricultural equipment.

When quality petrol was made available for these types of equipment, more farmers made the decision to incorporate the traditional fuel. While the oil has not remained as popular as its use during the war it is still a prominent fuel that can provide a multitude of operational benefits. It is possible to use the regular petrol based product and then transition to the TVO.

It is important to incorporate the best quality fuels for your tractor and related agricultural operations. The best products can ensure that all equipment operate over a long period without causing additional damage and deterioration to equipment. Many have switched to this fuel supply because it creates efficiency and is considered the best option for powerful operations such as ploughing.

With the use of the correct types of fuel, all farming apparatus can operate efficiently and smoothly. The introduction of this oil can support the lasting function of tractors and similar operations. It is important to choose products that will support the lasting function of all equipment that can benefit from this form of fuel.