What is PFO (Processed Fuel Oil)?

Processed fuel oil more commonly referred to as PFO, is manufactured from a mixture of second hand lubricants. It has become a highly sought after oil product offering a multitude of industry benefits including its affordability compared to alternative fuels and its reduction in overall carbon emissions. Incorporated in agriculture including hospitals, determine the most effective uses and what is PFO (Processed Fuel Oil)?

The combination of used oils in industry has given rise to PFO and the multitude of benefits it can provide in application. PFO is preferred over the virgin fuel oils because it is cheaper to manufacture and has shown environmentally friendly when compared to alternative products. It is produced in a similar manner to virgin oils and meets will all oil production requirements.

PFO is a favored option for industrial companies because it is cost effective to use and is a preferred fuel for major industrial boiler equipment. It is used in many industries from food production and processing to agriculture and clinical environments. This is owed to its ability to deliver affordable industrial heating, dairy, brewery and glass production solutions.

The benefits of Processed Oil include is cost effectiveness in comparison to many alternative fuels making it a more affordable bulk and production solution. This type of fuel is compatible with most manufacturing equipment as it does not require major additions or modifications to change to. Many have incorporated PFO over kerosene because it is less expensive and is less harmful to the environment.

If you are looking to use the alternative oil in a boiler system, the process is made easy owing to the versatility of this oil product. You do not have to go to the extra expense of purchasing a new system or making modifications as PFO oil is compatible with most operational equipment. Simply contact a professional boiler who can ensure the settings are compatible to integrate the new product effectively.

It is important to clear the boiler of old residue before adding any new product as different types of lubricants should never be mixed. There are varying levels of viscosity between the fuels and combining these oils can prove detrimental to the system. If you are unsure of the process to introduce the change in oil, calling on the reliable services of a professional will ensure the correct procedure is followed.

PFO can prove most invaluable in many industries however, it is important that boiler systems are regularly cleaned and managed. A professional maintenance service is most effective in handling the clearing of boilers to ensure it remains fully operational and efficient. It must be maintained to protect against poor operation and ensure that all systems continue to deliver powerful services.

Making the move to Processed Oil is made safe, simple and effective with the assistance of your fuel industry experts. PFO is recognized for its many benefits and cost effective properties. The operation of boilers for heating in industry can incorporate the alternative fuel and should be accompanied by the regular maintenance of boilers.