What is DSEAR? Why is it Important?

With the development of technology and everything it takes to manufacture products used every day, comes the progression of safety hazards that need to be addressed in day to day activity. There are many different agencies, such as OSHA, that regulate and monitor the safe way to develop and create the products that make life a little easier. Many manufacturing processes leave a residue in the atmosphere and in the environment, that can be an immediate danger or can accumulate to make the area toxic or explosive after a certain amount of time. This is where DSEAR steps in. This article will hopefully answer the question, what is DSEAR?

In 2002, a special law was passed to protect people who work with hazardous and explosive materials. This is known as the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations. The regulation makes the employer or business owner responsible for the safety of their workers and the public. It does this by making them realise what kind of hazards may be created in the process of manufacturing.

It addresses the risks associated with the use of certain chemicals and processes that can make the environment explosive. Some chemicals that are used daily can be dangerous if the vapours are not captured and controlled. Substances such as gasoline, varnishes and other flammable gases can release fumes that make the area around them explosive and flammable.

Explosions are not the only issue addressed in the regulation. The quality of the air taken in by the employees is also an issue. Many chemical fumes will take over the air in close proximity, making less room for oxygen that is needed to be in a healthy atmosphere. This can cause many different concerns for those working with or near the chemical.

The regulation works in favour of both the employee and the employer. It requires both to be aware of the presence of dangerous and explosive chemicals, putting the power to correct the issue in many hands. With proper training, the exposure can be eliminated, or at the least, controlled.

The employer is required to follow the regulation rules and is checked regularly to make sure they do what they are supposed to do. Any time chemicals are brought into the building, used around people, or disposed of, there are certain rules that must be followed to keep the people working there safe. This is also true if there are certain dust particles in the air created by a process during manufacturing.

DSEAR makes the employer responsible in all aspects of making sure the environment in the workplace is safe for the people who work there. They are to know what are dangerous substances and what the risks are if the substance causes a problem, train and inform employees, and have an accident and incident reporting standard. They should also have a way to classify the areas that could possibly be a hazard.

There are plenty of ways to find out more information if you need it. You can contact OSHA and ask them specific questions as well as get recommendations. You can also do a little more research online. It is important for a business owner to know about the regulation.

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