What is 2-Stroke Fuel Oil?

There are many different types of fuel oil that people and companies can purchase and use. Some of these are classified as transportation fuels meaning that they are manufactured for the express purpose of helping things get from place to place. Others are categorised as agricultural fuels. This second category includes red diesel which is typically used in tractors and other types of farm equipment. If you have ever asked the question what is 2-stroke fuel oil, the following information should be quite helpful.

This type of oil is actually not so mysterious at all. It is neither intended for major transportation or for powering major farm equipment. Instead, it is commonly used in hand-held, power tools like chainsaws. This is a two-cycle oil that is manufactured specifically for two-stroke engines with crankcase compression designs. Oils that are made for four-stroke engines are quite a bit different, and thus, these cannot be used interchangeably in different types of machinery with acceptable results.

A four-stroke engine has a crankcase that is entirely sealed. The only openings are found in the ventilation system which is used for the purpose of preventing overheating. In these systems, gasoline and oil have to be mixed so that the entire engine is properly lubricated when in operation. Otherwise this will result in heat friction, rapid wear and breakdown. It can also be the cause of engine fires.

When gasoline and oils are fused, this is known as petroil. The oils contained in these mixtures are consumed with the fuel. This is then called a total-loss oiling systems. Petroil creates significantly higher emissions levels in terms of exhaust. People may notice a burning smell coming from the working machinery as well, along with smoke.

Synthetic versions of this fusion are therefore typically recommended for two-stroke engines. This is all the more true in lawn and garden equipment. Synthetic versions do not heat as quickly and the included oils do not burn with the gas. They last longer, protect machinery better and rarely lead to smoking or burning smells if at all.

When comparing two-stoke oils to standard oils that are used primarily for lubricating purposes, the first of these two options needs to have a significantly lower content of ash. This is essential for for minimizing the amount of deposits that are created. If there is a higher level of ash, this will be burned within the combustion chamber of the engine thereby causing engine damage.

Ultimately, the manufacture of these new oils was intended to promote cleaner burning and greater efficiency overall. When oils and fuels must be fused, the ideal goal is to ensure that the resulting residues are not contributing to overheating or the likelihood of engine failure. The manufacturing standard for two-stroke engines additionally necessitate this particular type of oil for limited smoke, burning and other problems.

This is not a transportation oil nor is it likely to be used in agricultural equipment. You will find it in small devices that have motors sealed within compartments apart from ventilating systems. As such this might be used in your lawnmower, your chain saw, or other power and yard tools. It is designed to have the right viscosity and the perfect level of resistance to heating.

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