The Benefits of Adblue Fuel in Greater Manchester

Getting goods and services to local stores requires transportation. This usually comes in the form of some sort of vehicle that uses diesel fuel. Though diesel is much better for the environment than some other fuels, it is still not the best option. The best is to use it in conjunction with AdBlue. The benefits of AdBlue fuel in Greater Manchester are many, not just for the earth but for residents, too.

AdBlue is the common name for a substance called AUS32, also known as Aqueous Urea Solution 32.5%. The rest of the AUS32 is made up of de-ionised water. This solution is scientifically formulated to help make certain gases like diesel much more efficient, so it reduces emissions that would otherwise go into the atmosphere. When gases are released into the atmosphere, they generally get trapped and cause something called the Greenhouse Effect, which is a big contributor to global warming.

It’s important to note that the solution is not a gasoline, and is not technically a fuel additive, though it’s often classified as one. It’s simply a solution that reduces heavy vehicle emissions so there is less smog in the air and less dangerous gasses caught in the atmosphere.

The emissions reductions are a huge benefit of the substance, and the one most likely to catch attention. However, there are other benefits as well. For one, it is non-explosive, so there is no worry about dangerous explosions from storing or using the solution. This substance also non-flammable, which means warehouses that store it are safer for workers and nearby residents.

It is also environmentally friendly, and not just because of the lowered emissions. It is classified in the safe minimum risk category for transportable fluids in the UK. So if you are driving next to a vehicle that is hauling AdBlue, you don’t have to worry about any extra dangers.

Another great benefit is that the solution is also relatively inexpensive. It can be bought in small containers that are used in a single truck, or in larger, multiuse portions for a fleet of trucks.

Since October of 2006, all vehicles that are built to transport heavy goods are required to be fitted with SCR technology that allows for the use of AdBlue. Any truck over 7.5 tonnes that is driven anywhere in the European Union is designated as a heavy goods vehicle, so they must have the SCR tech. It is easy to add a portion of the solution into the truck, as long as it is fitted with this all-important tech.

There was a time when concern about toxins from trucking goods to retail stores was a huge worry. Some of that worry can now be alleviated with the use of this safe, inexpensive solution. The need for heavy, gas-guzzling vehicles to get products from producers to stores is not going to go away anytime soon. Even items ordered online need to be transported to a warehouse before they are delivered, also by truck, to the buyer’s door. Now this can all be done in a much more efficient way that helps keep the earth healthier, too.

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