Red Diesel Suppliers for Tractors

Red diesel has been given several names including; gas oil, tractor diesel and cherry diesel. Red diesel is dyed with a red color to differentiate it from other regular types of diesel. The red dye is also used to identify easily where and when red diesel was used and also to trace the origin. Gas oil carries a 5% reduced tax levy unless you decide to buy over 2300 liters in a single delivery which in this case it is reverted to 20%. With the current decline in the farming industry, most Red Diesel Suppliers for Tractors are offering low prices for their products.

Currently, there are strict regulations and rules over the usage of red gas. This means that purchasing red diesel can be a cumbersome task. Car owners who are unaware of the full eligibility criteria for red diesel are purchasing white gas which is more expensive. To save on fuel and remain competitive, purchase red diesel from a reliable supplier.

Red diesel is strictly for agricultural vehicles; harvesters, tractors, and trucks. Therefore, if you own any of these vehicles, then you are eligible to save money by purchasing red gas oil. Because red diesel is to be used only on farms and off the road, fueling can be difficult. This is also because the law states that a driver should not travel a distance of more than 1.5kms on the tarmac road if using red gas. If you cannot easily access fuel depots, then you can contact a supplier who offers delivery options.

When contacting a red diesel supplier for deliveries, choose one who offers national wide, same day and emergency fuel deliveries. Communicate the amount of fuel you want because most companies accommodate different orders. Your ideal supplier for onsite red gas delivery should have a spill kit and pump if space is a problem.

Although red diesel is mostly used by agricultural vehicles, some vehicles are allowed to be used on the road. However, these vehicles must be related to a horticultural, agricultural or forestry-related activity. Examples of exempted vehicles include; tractors, light agrarian vehicles, material handlers, gritters and bulldozers moving from one point to another. These vehicles should not carry any unnecessary load, or they will be breaking the law.

Red diesel laws are a bit confusing, and most people are not aware when they are breaking the law. Therefore, the next time you want to top up fuel and you are unsure if you are allowed to use red diesel, contact the nearest gas supplier and get sound advice. Remember, using gas oil on the road is prohibited and you can be fined heavily.

Choose a supplier who is reputable for offering a range of affordable payment options. This can include flexible direct debit among others. Some suppliers also have dedicated account managers for every client to provide individual assistance when ordering gas.

When sourcing for the cheapest red gas oil supplier to deliver fuel to you at the right price, choose one who is closest to your location. You can identify suppliers near your area by putting your exact location on search engines. Sign up to a red gas fuel management system with the supplier of your choice so that you never run out of gas.

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