Pre-Ordering Your Winter Heating Oil

Winters can be quite harsh, especially if there is wind or rain involved. Even the most well insulated house will have a problem staying warm without the proper amount of heating. That is why you should pre-order your winter heating oil, to make sure you always have a steady supply on hand and never have to shiver the night away due to low or no heat coming into the house.

Besides the fear of you and the family having to go to bed cold, another reason to order early is to beat the rush. Many people forget to buy some early, so they end up doing so at the last minute, as the first real frosts of late fall or winter set in. This creates a logjam for delivery, driving up the total price to buy. Do it sometime in the summer, when it is warm and winter is the last thing on your mind. This way, you beat the rush and ensure a better price.

Speaking of price, that factor is really the best reason to get heating oil early. Heating oil costs are quite low, but they will not stay that way forever. If you see a sale, you should jump on it. The price of crude oil helps dictate the price of heating oil. Unfortunately, the price of crude can go up and down quite a bit, so it is best to buy now at the lower price before it jumps.

If you live in a village or area where a lot of people also have boilers that need heating oil, you can team up with them to place a bulk order to save even more money. If a truck can deliver to several houses in the same area on the same day, they give you an even deeper discount, since transportation costs will be lower with a single delivery.

There is even a thing called a Buying Weekend, where several of you can band together to purchase on the weekend to save even more. Nothing brings neighbours together quite like saving on expenses and planning ahead together.

Of course, filling up tanks before winter hits means that there is always a chance of theft. You can alleviate this threat by using a special lock that keeps thieves out. You may also want to check the light bulbs on any outdoor lights to make sure they are working, or install lights if you do not already have them.

There are even alarms that can be installed that go off when the fuel level is too low. You may also sign up for alerts when there has been a theft in the area, that way and your neighbours can all be on the lookout to make sure you are not their next victim.

Before you take your delivery, you may also want to check the tank to make sure it is in good repair. If not, either get it repaired or replaced. This helps you avoid leaks that could contaminate your soil. It just takes a few minutes to ensure your heating oil will be secure for the entire winter.

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