Learn About the Uses of Red Diesel in Cumbria

People all over the world rely on many different types of fuels. Fuel is needed to provide power for many things that are used daily. Learning more about the uses of red diesel in Cumbria is worth the effort because it can save you money and ensure that you stay in compliance with the laws that govern its use.

The only real difference between red diesel, also known as gas oil, and the type of fuel you would purchase for a road vehicle with a diesel engine is the price you pay for it. It is classified as a rebated fuel in the UK. This means the duty, or tax, on this product is less.

There is some confusion among consumers about the legality of purchasing and using this product. The lower-priced fuel comes with some specific and tightly-enforced restrictions on its use. Anybody can purchase it, but users must follow the regulations regarding the use of this fuel to avoid severe penalties for tax evasion.

Gas oil is restricted for use as a home heating oil or to power off-road vehicles, manufacturing machinery, and agricultural equipment. This rebated fuel offers tax relief when it is used for purposes where the use of public roads is minor or incidental. Industries that benefit the most from this tax break include farming, construction, mining, horticulture, and the military.

The fuel is approved for use in tractors, cranes, diggers, and other types of heavy construction equipment. Around the home, gas oil is approved for use as a heating fuel. Consumers may also use this fuel in any back-up generator that provides electricity to the home during power outages. It may also be used in gardening equipment, including ride-on lawn mowers.

Because this fuel is taxed at a lower rate, the government mandates dying this fuel red to make it easier to identify. HM Revenue and Customs is responsible for doing regular roadside testing to ensure the fuel is used according to regulations. Inspectors dip and test fuel tanks on road vehicles. Any engine components, including the fuel tank, will be stained if red diesel is used. The UK government chooses to use red dye. Other countries may use purple, yellow, green, or blue dye to identify gas oil.

Consumers who use this fuel save money by paying less tax so the penalties are high for illegal use. The fuel may not be used in any car, van, truck or any other vehicle that uses public roads. The only exception is for farmers, who may drive up to 1.5 kilometres on a public highway if access is needed to areas of land separated by a public road. It may be used as a heating fuel on a boat, but it cannot be used to power the boat’s engine.

Consumers do not need to have a special license to purchase gas oil. They do, however, need to fill out a Registered Dealers in Controlled Oil form. By signing this form consumers declare that they will not use the fuel purchased in violation of the 1979 Hydrocarbon Oil Duties Act.

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