Is Your Oil Burning Boiler Ready for Winter?

Usage of an oil burning boiler is popular in many homes as it is a device that usually functions as a combined heating system. It is therefore prudent for any homeowner to maintain this device, especially before going into the winter season. One has to ensure that the device is running properly and also identify any problems that the device may have in due time before winter kicks in. Is your oil burning boiler ready for winter? To be able to answer this question correctly, here are some things you can do to ensure the device is ready for operation.

Taking these proactive steps will ensure the device is ready for the cold season. This will ensure you evade any costly breakdowns of equipment. Firstly, clear and remove any objects in the area where the boiler is situated. This action is important as it will ensure the air intake of a unit is not blocked. It is always wise to avoid putting any flammable items near a unit.

This is important because such items may cause a hazardous fire. It may also be prudent to confirm that items made of paper and cardboard are kept away from a unit to prevent such items from igniting. You also have to make sure that the device and area that it is situated in is dust-free.

The next action that you are required to do to ensure the unit is ready for the cold season is to inspect it. It may be prudent to confirm that the flue of a unit is free from any blockages. This is important because it will direct air to the pipes which in turn direct fumes away. When there are obstructions in the flue of your device, it can make exhaust gases accumulate, which can affect the safety of residents and also make the boiler fail to function properly. Therefore, you are advised to always inspect the flue of a boiler to confirm that the joints are assembled properly.

You must also check your fuel source to confirm that there is no problem with it. You have to ensure that there are no leakages. You have to make sure that the filters of your unit are clean. Cleaning will remove all debris and also dust that will make the unit to overheat.

You can use a vacuum cleaner and a microfiber cloth to wipe them clean with warm water. If your unit has disposable filters, you must ensure that you replace them with new ones. This will help the unit run smoothly during the cold seasons.

You have to also ensure you install an alarm that determines the amount of carbon monoxide in a unit. It will alert you if there are any leakages in a boiler. This gas has no smell so there is no way to know a leak is occurring without a proper monitoring device and alarm.

You have to assess all the components in the unit. Inspect and replace all components that look damaged. This will put the device in the best position to function well during the winter. A properly working unit will ensure you are kept warm indoors during the cold seasons.

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