Important Tips on How to Prevent Red Diesel Theft

Red diesel forms the lifeline of a majority of agricultural businesses in various places to power the agricultural machinery and tools. It is therefore important to ensure that you keep it well protected as recently it has become a target for thieves. You should consider taking adequate preventative measures in order to prevent red diesel theft.

Thieves have in the recent past being targeting red diesel as it is much cheaper compared to white diesel because most people buy it in large quantities and store it. The increase in the prices of fuel could also be another reason why it is being targeted as the thieves are sure of getting more of it in farms and construction sites. Thieves also view these places as soft and easy targets compared to gas stations and hence the need to take some preventative measures.

You should invest in a proper lighting system in your compound or the area where your oil tank is located in order to ward of thieves. Thieves are known to thrive best and also like working in the cover of darkness to steal from their targeted places. You should consider placing a spotlight next to your oil tank to scare away and discourage thieves from coming close to your place.

You should also consider having dogs in your compound as they have senses that are fine tuned like smell. They also have an excellent ability of hearing and therefore will hear any intruder from a mile away and alert you. Alert dogs are great at keeping red diesel thieves at bay as they will raise the alarm when thieves come to steal your fuel from your place.

It would also be possible to stay alarmed at all times in order to relieve you off any worry or anxiety to be a fuel theft victim. There are quite a number of alarms that are used on fuel tanks that you can select from in order to be alarmed just in case thieves decide to strike. Generally any type of fuel tank alarm will be sufficient to put off any thieves.

Another important point to consider when looking at ways to prevent theft of your fuel would be the positioning of your fuel tank. You should position it according to the guidelines that are set to govern the positioning of fuel tanks in an area that should be well-hidden and secure. You could consider placing the fuel tank in an outbuilding that you can lock well or ensure that you restrict access to the location by erecting a security wall.

Installation of CCTV cameras could be another great option. The cameras should be installed in such a way that any potential intruder will see them as they will deter them from planning to steal from your place. You could also consider using hidden cameras to catch the culprits in action.

You should also improve your locks and padlocks to deter thieves. They come prepared with various cutters and gizmos to cut the locks and padlocks in order to gain access. Investing in a strong padlock and robust locks will keep the thieves away.

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