Important Things to Know About Heating Oil Additives

Home heating oil is currently one of the most cost-effective, safest and efficient fuels for heating residential and certain commercial environments. In fact, it is actually possible to drop a lip match down into a tank that is filled with pure heating oil without causing ignition or inciting an explosion. This level of safety, however, only remains when the fuel used is high in quality and truly unadulterated. As such, those who are reliant upon this product have much to learn about heating oil additives.

There really aren’t many companies that are able to market any additive as being more efficient. Most delivery companies pride themselves in being able to offer pure products that are designed to offer the most optimum level of efficiency. Whenever new chemicals are added in, there is always the risk of increasing the presence of sludge at the bottoms of tanks and throughout these systems.

A number of start-up businesses, however, are offering low-quality fuels that are rife with additives. These are additions that do not enhance the value of their products but rather, degrade it instead. They are used largely for increasing the volume of oils available so that these entities can maximize their profits.

Due to their low cost, some delivery services are purchasing large quantities of low-quality oils that have been heavily adulterated with other substances. Given that most homeowners are not aware of this fact, they have no idea of the dangers that they are putting their systems in. Unethical parties may even stoop so low as to thin their products out with things like recycled oils from other industries and refined cooking oils among other things.

Although consumers can save significant sums of money upfront by paying for lower quality, adulterated products, they may wind up paying far more in the long run. That’s because lower quality oils can cause a significant amount of damage to these systems. If there are any additions to the oils that get delivered to your home, you want to make sure to learn exactly what these are and what their short and long-term effects might be. Some additives may be beneficial, but certain additions can actually be quite harmful to your home heating equipment.

Storage is another factor that you want to bear in mind when deciding who you want to deliver your home heating oil. Small-sized companies that have yet to truly establish themselves may be housing their wares in undesirable containers or facilities. This can lead to contamination, condensation and other problems that will ultimately impact your heater.

It is generally best to look for companies that are committed to offering a very high level of all-around purity in their products. If there are new and innovative additions being offered on the market, spend time researching these before paying more for them. Doing your due diligence ahead of any purchasing decisions can help you save money now and in the future.

Homeowners should also look for delivery companies that provide an impressive range of home comfort services. This way, they can have their heaters serviced and their tanks cleaned on the day of their deliveries. With all-inclusive solutions like these, you can cut your home heating costs and can additionally extend the lifetime of this incredibly important home feature.

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