Heating Oil Theft Prevention Tips for Heating Oil Tank Security

Heating oil tanks can store thousands of liters of the substance. That is why it can be quite costly and inconvenient to lose the commodity. Given the fact that the tanks are often located in remote places, there are higher chances of them being targeted. Here are heating oil theft prevention tips for heating oil tank security.

One of the measures to take is to use steel instead of plastic tanks. It is easier to drill plastic and siphon the substance out of it, rather than drill steel. Therefore, think carefully about the storage container that you choose to use. In addition, steel is heavier, making it less likely for someone to entirely carry it off from your property.

Install the storage container in a secure place. One of the ways thieves steal is by targeting homes that they know have these huge containers. To minimize chances of this happening to you, ensure to set up the container in a concealed area, so that people cannot easily see it. For instance, consider installing it indoors, like in a shed. However, you still need to ensure that you follow the rules and regulations that are applicable in your area.

If you decide to install the storage container outdoors, set it up as far from the road as possible. This helps to reduce causes of opportunistic stealing from thieves who spot it while walking along the road. Also, keep it in a place that is visible from your home. Thieves will be discouraged from stealing if there are high chances of them getting spotted.

Use CCTV surveillance as a deterrent. Most thieves will not steal from you if they know that there is CCTV surveillance. In addition, the footage can be used as evidence in case of any crime. You can use it as a basis to file a police report or to provide evidence to your insurance. When buying a CCTV camera, make sure that you get one that has night vision. This way, it will be able to record even at night. In addition, it should have lots of storage space, so that you can have time to review the footage before it gets written over.

You can set up an alarm. In such a case, you can get an electronic gauge that is connected to your home alarm. In case of any sudden drop of fuel levels in the container, the alarm will sound. You can even put up a notice on the container stating that the container is connected to an alarm. This will deter criminals who want to siphon the substance.

Set up security lighting around the container. Motion activated lighting is ideal. It will surprise anyone who is trying to steal from you. Lighting is best used if you can see the container from your house.

Theft of this valuable commodity takes place all year round. Therefore, it is important that you are always vigilant–much more so during the first few months of the year, since most people fill up their reserves at that time and their containers tend to be full.

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