Everything You Need to Know About the Different Uses of Kerosene

When you think of kerosene, your probably think of people carrying small lamps around their homes several centuries ago. Surprisingly, however, this highly flammable fuel source is actually used in a number of modern applications. Although it is now eschewed in many household applications in lieu of less combustible fuels, paraffin or kero, is used to fuel jets, kill of invasive pests, and clear away stubborn residues among many other things. Following are some of the most impressive uses of kerosene that you can still find today.
The Amish community within the United States is very much committed to old ways. This group is adverse to adopting modern technologies and prefers to continue doing things just like they were done in times past. As such, there are not many people within the Amish community that use electricity or electrical appliances. This is why you can still find people who use kerosene to light their lamps and even to warm their homes. This fuel is an excellent and truly reliable source of both light and heat.
The fumes and even the overall chemical composition of this fuel make it extremely unsavory to many insects and small-sized animals. Understanding this, this product is often used in pest management and pest control operations. It is particularly popular among companies and consumers who are reticent to use more contemporary, chemical treatments that are filled with an array of dangerous, man-made toxins and contaminants.
You might also be surprised to discover that close to 20 billion gallons of this fuel is used each year. In fact, it is used every day, all throughout the world. Although in old times, it was recommended as a cure for head lice, this is highly dangerous and far from recommended due to the potential to absorb the toxins through the skin.
Although this substance is great for chasing away pests, it should never be used on the body to address parasites of any type. It is, however, incredible effective at eradicating bed bugs, mosquito and the larvae of each of these insects. This is because it prevents the exchange of oxygen, thereby suffocating the bugs.
If you need to remove old lubricants from machinery, this is the solution to use. For instance, you might apply it to your motorcycle or bicycle chains. Not only does it strip off built-up residues, but it also makes the work easy. After applying it, simply let it sit for several minutes and then wipe the offending substances away. The treated surfaces will look like new.
You have probably seen it used before in the entertainment industry, especially if you have ever gone to an extravagant circus. This is the fuel that fire breathers use to spew flames out of their mouths. It is also popular in fire juggling acts and other performances that involve the manipulation or use of flame.
The most common, modern use of this substance, however, is rocket fuel. It is used to power jet engines when mixed with a specific amount of oxygen. This produces a substantial amount of power and has made space travel popular. As such, although kerosene is commonly associated with the simple lighting fixtures of old, it actually has one very modern application.
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