Discover the Benefits of Industrial Heating Oil (IHO)

If you regularly use gas oil or red diesel to heat your property, you may be interested in finding ways to limit your environmental impact and cut your heating costs. This is actually true of many businesses. Understanding the benefits of industrial heating oil (IHO) will definitely help you reach both of these goals.

To start, it is important to understand exactly what IHO is. This fuel source is meant as a substitute for red diesel, but it is only meant to be used in a heating capacity. As such, it cannot be used in tractors or other farm equipment. As a commercially appealing alternative to red diesel or standard gas oil, it is comprised of petroleum fractions and a variety of performance additives.

One of the major benefits of this fuel is the fact that it is both clean and clean burning. This produce is not made with ingredients that do not contain halogens, metals, waste oils, particulates or any residuals from other fuel oils. It is light in color and has almost no discernible odor at all.

It is important to note that this is also a duty-free fuel source. Red diesel is currently in the process of being phased out as a heating oil due to its known, negative impact on the natural environment. To make consumers and companies more cognizant of the governments building efforts to find safer and more environmentally-friend alternatives, special taxes are levied when this gas oil is used for heating purposes.

This, however, is not the case for ISO. In fact, this is why switching to this fuel type can be such an excellent, money-saving decision. This oil is also compliant with all aspects of the BS2869 British Class D Standard for any heating fuel. In fact, the only area in which it is not compliant is in its cetane value.

Cetane is comparable to octane for gasoline. This represents the amount of power that is being put out per so many units of fuel. When it comes to the generation of heat, however, cetane is not a significant factor and thus, the non-compliance of IHO in this particular area is actually irrelevant.

One thing to note is that aligning yourself with the right provider and delivery service is key for enjoying the full benefits of this transition. With a reliable company bringing fuel to your location, you can easily adhere to even the most nominal heating budget and can keep your tanks full throughout the year. Moreover, you can rest assured that your provider is always going to bring a high-quality IHO that only contains high-quality ingredients.

A quick review of the benefits supplied by this alternative heating fuel will reveal potential savings, the ability to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of your business, and increased overall safety. With no odors and the ability to use a clean-burning fuel, you can additionally protect the local air quality. Best of all, changing over to IHO gives companies the ability to stay one step ahead of the increasing taxes that are being levied in an effort to reduce red diesel use.

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