The Necessity of Heating Oil in the Spring and Summer for Your Home

Many people use heating oil in tanks to warm up their house once autumn and especially winter hit. This keeps you and your family toasty and comfortable no matter how low the temperature outside falls. You might think this means you don’t need that heat source in spring or especially summer, when the temperatures go up and a warm house is no longer desirable. The truth is that the need for hot water fuels the necessity of heating oil in the spring and summer.

You use hot water on a daily basis, and you may not even realize just how much you do. It is an absolute necessity for sanitary purposes, as many machines and appliances that use hot water would simply not function as well or at all with cold or even lukewarm water.

The biggest use is for showers. Even if you take a quick five minute shower each day and barely use any water, you definitely want it to be hot. It helps get you cleaner faster and feels better against the skin compared to cold. Even if it is hot outside, most people still like to take a hot or at least warm shower, which means you need oil in your tank to feed the boiler.

Everyone wants to make a good impression, and having clean clothing is a big part of that. Your washing machine may have a cold cycle, but for anything that has a stain or spill on it or for really soiled clothes, you definitely want to put your wash on a hot or warm cycle. Many machines warm the water first, which means using oil from your tank.

If you wash dishes by hand, you know that cold water just won’t do. If you have a dish that is even remotely greasy, all you will do is move the grease around, creating more of a mess. You need to heat your dishwater up, or else nothing will get clean, which means using the boiler and keeping your tank full or topped off all year round, not just in winter.

Your dishwasher is the same way. If the machine cannot heat the water up properly, then the results of your washing cycle will be subpar at best. Then you will have to run another cycle, wasting additional water and electricity. Get it done properly the first time by ensuring you have the heating oil necessary for a hot cycle.

Even if you find a way to do all of these daily chores with cold or unheated liquid, you should still keep some heating oil in the tank. This is because if you let the tank and boiler go untouched all through spring and summer, the hot water cistern can seize. This means when you go to turn the heat on in the fall, it simply won’t work. Then you have to call for repairs, which can be costly and take a lot of time.

Prevent seizing of the cistern by occasionally running your heat and hot water during the warmer months. With a regular run, the pump and diverter will continue to work, as will the cistern. This saves you much time and money later on. So even those trying to eliminate hot water usage still have a need for heating oil in summer and spring.

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