Summer – The Best Time to Take Stock of Your Heating Oil!

During summer time, the last thing that would be on your mind is stocking up on heating oil. You are likely to be up and about on vacation or enjoying time out with family and friends. However, since the demand for this fuel is usually low at this time of the year, it makes summer – the best time to take stock of your heating oil!

During off peak periods, there is more flexibility when it comes to delivery times, so you will experience less delays when you make an order. During winter, since a lot of people are placing orders and the weather conditions are harsh, you might have to wait longer for deliveries to be made. This can be quite an inconvenience. But when you order during the off peak period, you will be ready for the cold months without having to worry about delivery delays.

The good thing about the fuel is that it does not expire. So, even when you order months in advance, it will still be good and ready for use when winter comes around. Just make sure that the tank is under lock and key at all times to prevent theft of your commodity. In addition, you can add some additives to the fuel before you fill up the tank, so as to make it more efficient when you want to use it.

The price of the fuel fluctuates a lot as it is influenced by various external factors. This includes political interference. That is why it is best that you make a purchase during periods when prices are low. For all you know, prices could shoot up at any time and you will have to end up spending more than you would have wanted to, especially during winter when demand is high.

Staying on a household budget can be a big challenge. That is why you should do everything you can to stick to the budget. By making bulk purchases during off peak periods, you could end up saving a lot and making the budget more manageable.

It is important that you check out different suppliers and compare prices every year. You do not have to stick to the same supplier. This will help to lower how much money you spend on the fuel. Choose the best supplier that you can find.

You do not have to make purchases on your own. Consider teaming up with other people and making bulk purchases by joining a local buying group. This will help to reduce the buying price even more. You do not have to fill up the tank completely, since oil requires room for expansion.

If you have a budget for fuel that you are going to use during the year, then spending it during the hot months is the best idea. You will end up spending a lot less by taking advantage of the seasonal savings. You will end up spending a lot less in future when you stock up when the cost per litre is low.

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